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 Old schooler reporting for dutie

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Class: Mage
Level: 76
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Old schooler reporting for dutie Empty
PostSubject: Old schooler reporting for dutie   Old schooler reporting for dutie EmptyTue Oct 07, 2014 10:37 pm


I am MrSpongeBoB Smile, lvl 76 arch mage, fire. Played the game since 2005-ish until 2012-ish.
I always liked chintan alot and hbuck and Yenom and AzureDream.

ANDDDD, ofcourse Shay ^^.

You guys are playing USKO still right??? blimey eyh!

Well cya around, will be dismissed from the hospital the 20th of october.

BTW, i will have a laptop at my disposal sooner Smile

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Old schooler reporting for dutie
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