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 selling everything

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PostSubject: selling everything   Sat Sep 11, 2010 6:29 am

im quiting game and selling everything... been fun playing with everyone but i need to move on... planing on buying a new home and need the cash.

selling lvl80 rogue 12% 67knp personal bow+7. i have all the gamesfirst info and all info for it. the char has lots of scrolls on it and items in innhost that will be left on it

Mythril set+7 (will not sell in parts)
priest fp+9 set with chitin gloves+9

Priest def armor: all fp
25dd helm
20 spear helm boots and gloves
25 arrow pauldron

Mage def armor:
crystal 20 spear boots

holy animor +8
lycaon hammer+6
iron bow+8 sold
helenid+7 sold
diet windforce +7 (no pot) sold
fire rain windforce +9(+11reb) sold
hanguk sword+7
fire rain windforce+8

bronze earring +3
lillime+3 (real +2)
sse+0 SOLD
hr+3 (real +2)
hr+3 (real+2)

iron neck+0 (2x)

light belt of life+1
glass belt+0
glass belt+1
iron belt+0 (2x)

rol+1 (2x)
rol+3 c/o 265


Odds and ends:
3x trina SOLD
lots of scrolls just ask

23gbs (26 gbs SOLD)

selling all for usd. will sell cheaper if u buy more items... just need to get all these items sold fast thanks! just pm me a offer and i will work with u

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selling everything
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