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 Applying for Lost Time

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PostSubject: Applying for Lost Time   Mon Jun 21, 2010 5:52 pm

name class and level:
blessings, Priest, 64

Character Items: FP +8/15 , DS+6, LH+6, nub

Do you have a microphone?: Yes

Can you use
Can you use a Forum?: I believe so lol

Tell us a bit about yourself including how old (17+):Hi
guys my name is Rafaël and like my brother I’m a pro gamer ( my brother is
ComeOutAndPlay). We always play RPG’s together and we have quite a game
history. In the past we have played RPG’s such as: Rose Online, MU Online and
we played KO 2 years ago but then quit. Now we’re back and we’re loving it even
more! In every RPG I have always been a supportive character like the Priest in
KO. I love being able to support a whole party whether it is while leveling or
while pking. Due to the fact that I always play the games with my brother, who
loves to be the fighter, I have always
had the freedom to do what I do best: guarding the life of my party members.

Where you are from?: The Netherlands

Why would you like to join us?: My brother and I have seen LostTime at
work in all 3 grounds that we play RPG’s for. We love leveling, pking and
having fun in general and we both think that LostTime is the right place for us to be.

How long do you play a day on average?: At the moment I have summer
vacation so the next 2 months I'll be online atleast 8 hours a day, the only
exception to that will be my holiday.

Do you consider yourself as an ACTIVE player?: Yes
How many chars do you play: Only the Priest
Your current in-game goals; Get 80+ with my brother and clannies!

Your past clans; WarriorNation and some others
which I don't really remember.
Also I have been an Infinity forum member since march 2008, I can't recall
every having had the privilege of being part of Infinity, but I do have pm's
about a possible shot at Infinity membership that are dated to march 2008 as

Hopefully I have filled in and submitted the application form as you
wish, if there is anything else you would like to know, please just let me

With kind

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PostSubject: Re: Applying for Lost Time   Tue Jun 22, 2010 6:29 am

good candidate for sub clan Smile)))))))
get him on vent


Fire Mage w Great BOOBS:))))))
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PostSubject: Re: Applying for Lost Time   Wed Jun 23, 2010 8:00 am

plz pm honeywagon in game
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PostSubject: Re: Applying for Lost Time   Wed Jun 23, 2010 12:11 pm

Hi magicshay and honeywagon,

I regret to say that we will not be joining LT ( atleast not in the near future).
We grew kinda insecure about our application due to the time it took for a response to be posted, which also made us believe LT isn't really active anymore..
Therefor my brother and I made the decision to join TDA, a few hours after that you posted a reply magicshay...
We're very sorry for not coming over to join you guys, but we hope you understand that we found a nice clan in the meantime with fun people aswell.

We hope that's ok with you guys and that we haven't offended anyone by this. That has never been our intention...

Thank you for your warm welcome and hopefully we'll meet online in the future and get together in a party of some kind!

With kind regards,

blessings and COAP
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PostSubject: Re: Applying for Lost Time   

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Applying for Lost Time
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