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 The new event

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The new event Empty
PostSubject: The new event   The new event EmptyWed Apr 14, 2010 2:19 am

The new event consists of two things: Your standard cursed monster event and a dumpling drop event

3 times a day a spinning thing will spawn. It spawns 3 different spinning top types that you inflict damage on with a bamboo stick. The stick can be found on sundries page 2 for 10 k. The third spinning top (ROTATING) will give the XP bless. After this one, it will spawn a lot of smaller tops

The first hit on either of these will give a Fortune Bag drop. When turned in with the event NPC Yancook, you will get a pair of wings and a random item. The wings are 100 HP and lasts for about 6 hours. The quest NPC is located in EMC near the front quest NPCs and Moradon near orc TP gate

New times after the patch:

06:25 AM

02:25 PM

10:25 PM server time

There are two types of dumplings: Meat and kimchee. Both can be mined up and meat are given at every PK kill. The quest NPC will also give a kimchee dumpling for turning in snow cabbage and daikon that are also mined up

This quest is bugged!!

No matter if you turn in 10 of each or 100, the NPC will give you exactly ONE kimchee!

You can turn them in by trading yourself 10 at the time from another char, but it takes forever and isn’t worth the trouble. I recommend to NPC the snow cabbage and daikons and only save the dumplings you mine up

The meat dumpling seems to be + 2 NP for 5 minutes. After the meat dumpling expires, your AC will increase. It seems to be a bit bugged though because it’s not working for everyone
The kimchee dumpling is a 60 minutes XP increase item. It seems to be around 5%. It doesn't seem to work in CZ
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The new event
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