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 (O_O) HII!

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(O_O) HII! Empty
PostSubject: (O_O) HII!   (O_O) HII! EmptyTue Jan 12, 2010 1:58 am

Well....got a pm to introduce myself....nvr really been put on the spot on forums ^^ but anyways

I know a lot of guys in LT and it's a nice and active forums so I joined (O_O) HII! Icon_smile

My name is Prince....believe it or not...not a real Prince....pretty sure I've heard all the Purple Rain jokes....and sadly Princess jokes....etc

I'm a lvl 71 Mage named Principoo...but ppl call me Prince, Princi, Princess, Purple Rain and last but not least....courtesy of Piedadito and h01dmy0wn...i'm also known as Poo (O_O) HII! Icon_silent

U guys can always contact me thru in game pms or MSN...unless it's my time of the month (O_O) HII! Icon_razz

Hello again (O_O) HII! Icon_surprised
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(O_O) HII! Empty
PostSubject: Re: (O_O) HII!   (O_O) HII! EmptyTue Jan 12, 2010 9:27 am

hehehehe HI welcome <333333333

(O_O) HII! Magicshay
Fire Mage w Great BOOBS:))))))
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(O_O) HII!
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