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PostSubject: BUYING LVL 80 - 83 PRIEST!!!   Sat Dec 12, 2009 6:53 am

I sold my trailer and 4wheeler and will have the cash on hand tomorow.. I want to buy the lvl 80 - 83 priest asap.. i havent been on in a while cuase of couple reasons... 1). I've been busy with my business.. 2). I dont want to xp any more having to be up therewith you guys during war and stuff, dont mind helpin out with xping but i want to be able to pk and not have to stress about not having my lvl.... So needless to say i want this priest.. i dont have paypal but i will WU the money... If you know anyone that is legit and honest and is selling this priest for a decent price please i beg you let me know... if they want to use paypal if any of you have paypal i will WU the money to you ( cus i trust this family) and you can paypal the money to the person....

So here's my list and which ever comes first i will take item as it comes... Please help me out Smile i will give couple people my cell number so if im not on at certain times then selected peeps will have my number to contact me..

1). 80 - 83 Priest (doesnt matter the skilling i'll reskill if it's not the way i want it)

2). +8 Full Set HP Shell (besides helmet)

3). Iron Set

4). +7 or +1 REB Chitin Shield

5). DD 25 HELMET
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PostSubject: Re: BUYING LVL 80 - 83 PRIEST!!!   Sun Jan 24, 2010 6:49 am

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