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PostSubject: hush_yer_batty :P   hush_yer_batty :P EmptyWed Oct 28, 2009 3:34 am

hi all ,
i played this game for too long ask debbie ( Devilrogue05 ) . i started playing in MYKO 2003 i think hush_yer_batty :P Icon_razz before it got completely screwed up by 3rd party programs and yes the base programming for koxp was started by M games . it was to help you but over time it got ripped apart and used by koxp progammers that why it work so well with ko .
i moved to usko in june 2004 when it was in closed beta and stop here . my first charater was called AM_I_EVIL which was a orc sin and formed a clan called bikerboyz which maybe the oldest clan on ARES i quit ko to play WOW and didnt like it so i came back to ko becuase debbie was messing around with a old account with a archer on it called devilrogue05 . she was in partys some guys from sweden called Glader and Uberproist and TED they and then i made hush_yer_batty and join them this then turned into Infinity and the rest is history .
Infinity has been hard work and somtimes test you to the limit but it has the best reward of all respect and we have had some low points but alot more high points and now as you all know we had some more "brothers inarms " Lost time and our ext clans . a match made in heaven . hush_yer_batty :P Herz
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hush_yer_batty :P
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