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 Yay! Finally i wont see kxpers and idiots anymore....

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PostSubject: Yay! Finally i wont see kxpers and idiots anymore....   Fri Oct 09, 2009 11:16 pm

Once apon a time....
I got GRAF ( sound : BAM! BAM BAM BAM! BAM BAM BAAAAAAM , tudi tututu tututuuuuuuu)
I played him alot he was mine....And one day i jsut woke up and see pasword is invalid
I send a support ticket to K2 waited for 5 days and i got responded , they asked me for 9 didigit oif my click and buy acc.
And there goes my problems...My friend was paying premium for me from his click and buy acc and hes idiot who is telling every1 that its not ligial to pay more than 1 acc premium he was affraid that he will get banned so he didnt give me it
P.S he knew all my passwords also g1 an secret...
So he logged to g1 and gave them this 9 didigt of click and buy acc they gave him pass
And now today jsut 30 mina go
He caalled me and told me that hes selling MINE! MINE MINE! acc for 100 euro
He : If u want u can have it for 100 euro baby ( And i trusted him so much.... never had such problems with him...never.. )
So cool!?!? i got hacked + scamed by a friend! that i knew for over 3 years!
OMG SO COOL! so now he will sell it and some dude will play my GRAF
Well i wanted to join LostTime so much Was bumping shays pm liek veryday with 99 reasons to add me lol....When i got into ally clan i was alos so happy... Thanx goes to ppl who wanted to help me
Go go LostTime [/size]
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Yay! Finally i wont see kxpers and idiots anymore....
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