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 Knight Online - The Chaos Expansion

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PostSubject: Knight Online - The Chaos Expansion   Knight Online - The Chaos Expansion EmptyThu Sep 24, 2009 6:11 am

Here is some information about the next expansion for those interested (Credit goes to King of Knights).

Below is a list of updates to KOKO since our latest expansion,

Forgotten Frontiers
. These updates are candidates to be released with
the next expansion. (This may come in
or following the pattern of the earlier expansions, until early

The dates next to the individual updates are the date the news item about
that item were first posted on the KOKO news section. If "+ JPKO" appears next
to an item, it means the update has been added to JPKO as well.

NOTE: Don't take these for certain. There may be translation errors that
change the meaning. All of this info was taken from the Korean official site,
not from inside the game.

User contributed videos

System Changes

Nothing in this category

Zone / Event additions and changes

Chaos Dungeon

06-16-2009 + JPKO
For reference, please look at the zoneinfo for Chaos Dungeon.

Game Mechanics / NPC changes

Changes to king election

Level 50 or above will be required for voting. A NPC "[Campaing Committee]
Jeros/Joyce" will be added to Moradon and near TP gates to advertise the
nominees. Notices will be displayed with the name of every candidate once
per hour.

New Monster/NPC addition

Tons of new monsters/NPCs will be added to the game. These will be used for
new quests. (Sorry if the names are too bad, there's no
official translation yet.) Dual names (like "[Captain]Fargo/Falkwine") are
listed in the format "[NPC]Karus/ElMorad".

  • Moradon:

    • Mysterious Elder
    • Drifting Spirit

  • Ronark Land Base:

    • Powor
    • Powor Champion
    • Powor Knight
    • Powor Captain
    • Devil's Familiar
    • Elite Guardian - Karus
    • Guardian - Karus
    • Elite Guardian - El Morad
    • Guardian - El Morad

  • Eslant:

    • Hero who lost both eyes
    • Valley Watcher Feeler
    • The Remains of a Hero
    • Grendel
    • Grendel Mother
    • Captain Spearhead Blacksmith
    • [Merchant]Drill/Ellorn
    • [Item fans]Rakkers/Diz
    • [Magic Army Captain]Malrath/Felor
    • [Magic Army]Cesar/Leysa
    • [Senior Researcher]Gaz/Aldoth
    • [Savage King]Marshil
    • [Traitor Royal Guard]Garlong
    • [Powir King]Kihul
    • [Tyrant]Bres
    • [Devil]Ballor
    • [Night Demon]Fist
    • Half Troll Berserker
    • Iron Claw
    • Half Troll Captain
    • Half Troll Shaman
    • Satyr
    • Death Wizard
    • Doom Knight
    • Apostle of Storms
    • Night Mare
    • Half Troll Warrior

  • Home country (Karus/El Morad):

    • Runaway Slaves
    • [Goblin Exterminator]Raul/Wells
    • [Exterminator Chief]Ver/Grey
    • Goblin cauldron
    • Goblin wells
    • Goblin food box
    • [Captain]Pasha/Redin
    • [Crew]Hayes/Hein
    • [Crew]Armada/Kid
    • [Hunter]Zarg/Hallon
    • Burning Stone


New Items

"Advanced Old Accessories" will be released. Further details are unknown.
06-16-2009 + JPKO
Wings will be available to wear in the 5th valkyrie slot (which is
currently unused in USKO). The wings will also be awarded for other things
than the Chaos Dungeon.
Wing Type Awarded for Option (random) Link
Knight Online - The Chaos Expansion Itemicon_9_0017_70_0
Golden Eagle Wings
King Attack 3% Weight 500 黄金大鷲の翼(Attack)
Defense 100 Weight 500 黄金大鷲の翼 (AC)
Knight Online - The Chaos Expansion Itemicon_9_0017_80_0
Dark Wings
Those who kill Warders/Keepers and
top 10 leader board players
NP 3 Weight 300 闇の翼 (NP)
Defense 50 Weight 300 闇の翼 (AC)
HP 300 Weight 300 闇の翼 (HP)
Knight Online - The Chaos Expansion Itemicon_9_0018_00_0
Black wings
Chaos Defense 50 Weight 300 黒い翼 (AC)
Knight Online - The Chaos Expansion Itemicon_9_0017_90_0
Assassin's wings
HP 300 Weight 300 暗殺者の翼 (HP)
Knight Online - The Chaos Expansion Itemicon_9_0018_10_0
Steel wings
NP 3 Weight 300 鋼鉄の翼 (NP)
Knight Online - The Chaos Expansion Itemicon_9_0018_20_0
Champion's wings
Noah 5% Weight 300 戦士の翼 (Noah)
EXP 9% Weight 300 戦士の翼 (EXP)
Knight Online - The Chaos Expansion Itemicon_9_0018_30_0
Eagle wings
Chaos NP 2 Weight 100 大鷲の翼 (NP)
Defense 35 Weight 100 大鷲の翼 (AC)
HP 200 Weight 100 大鷲の翼 (HP)
Noah 3% Weight 100 大鷲の翼 (Noah)
EXP 6% Weight 100 大鷲の翼 (EXP)

A 8th set of armor called Krowaz Armor will be available. This armor will
provide superior defense ability to the 6th/7th sets of armor.
Knight Online - The Chaos Expansion 2009_7_10_11.36.20 Knight Online - The Chaos Expansion 2009_7_10_12.57.16 Knight Online - The Chaos Expansion 2009_7_10_11.16.32 Knight Online - The Chaos Expansion 2009_7_10_14.38.49
Knight Online - The Chaos Expansion 2009_7_10_11.41.43 Knight Online - The Chaos Expansion 2009_7_10_11.20.27 Knight Online - The Chaos Expansion 2009_7_10_11.7.0

Monster Stone changes

??? + JPKO
Monster Stones (currently dysfunctional in USKO) will be changed
substantially. Rather than receiving different kinds of Monster Stone, you'll
get only one item called "Monster's Stone" from drops. The dungeon you'll enter
depends on your level.
The rewards for all dungeons will be the same, but higher levels will have
better drop rates.
A special Enchanter NPC will be placed inside the dungeons. This NPC will
sell +80% attack buffs to priests and +150% Magical Attack buff for mages.
You'll be able to use the stone from almost all zones (except events), but
without a party it's too difficult.

Change of the EXP penalty

04-09-2009 + JPKO
The level the EXP penalty starts at will increase from 61 to
(05-07-2009)80 (in JPKO, 76).

Changes to Arsenal items

(04-09-2009) The prices for renting Arsenal items will be doubled if you
rent them on two consecutive days.
(03-12-2009) Priests' Arsenal items will be changed from Lycaon Staff and Defender of the
Lord to Holy Animor and Piana Knights' Defender.

Changes to priests' equipping method

10-30-2008 + JPKO
Priest maces will be only wearable in your right hand, and their damage
will be calculated on INT rather than STR. In PVP their damage will be reduced
by an unknown amount. Other types of weapons (e.g. swords) won't be affected.

Rivalry system

Knight Online - The Chaos Expansion Qnsshtmzlf
(04-09-2009) By getting killed by your rival, you'll build up "anger". You
can build up (04-23-2009) 5 stages of anger. A new skill will be added that will get more
powerful as your anger increases. Anger will be displayed by an
icon on your GUI.
When a player kills another, they become rivals for 5 minutes. Rivals
will be highlighted on the screen and the notice for killing whomever has
killed you will be "x has taken his/her revenge on y". Rivalry will also
increase the NP gained or lost.

Mining mini-game

Knight Online - The Chaos Expansion Mining
02-25-2009 + JPKO
A new NPC, "[Miner] Pitman" will be placed in multiple zones. He will allow
you to
mine with a Mattock (similar to the one you mine fossils with, but this is
more expensive to repair and not tradeable). It will be available for level 35
and above.
Mining areas can be found outside Moradon, Luferson/El Morad Castle.
In the mining area, you can automatically start mining with the spacebar.
Mining will terminate if you stop it, run out of time, lose the durability of
the Mattock, or run out of inventory space.
In addition to a small amount of EXP and LOTS of rocks, you might get a
Ore which can be exchanged for random items. You might get unique items, but
at a low probability. Mysterious Ores are not stackable.
When someone gains exp through mining, a small sprite with the text "+EXP"
on it will pop up above the player. When someone finds a mysterious ore, an
"+ITEM" sprite will pop up.

New and changed quests

See a list of changed quests.
(09-10-2009)(08-13-2009)(05-07-2009)(03-12-2009 + JPKO)(02-26-2009 + JPKO)(01-29-2009 + JPKO) The whole quest
system is undergoing a major overhaul. First, some quests have their days
counted - visit the Goblin battlefield and do the
BBQ Delivery, Messenger of Love and Monster Suppression Squad 3 while you can.
Talking about MSS, the first and second dungeons will also have lesser roles,
allowing single persons to enter rather than parties. Most quests that give
weapons as a reward will give non-tradeable weapons. However there's also a
lot of improvement coming. EXP at lower levels will come flowing in
at a rate you've never seen before. Most quests for levels 1~59 will give a lot
of exp while requiring the killing of fewer monsters. Item exchange quests
become sparser and blended in with the hunting quests so you'll likely find the
required items while hunting (although there are a few exceptions). For levels
35~59, each hunt quest will be available as a "solo" version that you can keep
doing at a given level so you don't even have to look what to kill. A new set
of quest armor called Troll Armor will be given as reward for level 50~54
quests. Accessory
quests will be repeatable (no more begging K2 to allow them in cypher rings),
although you only get EXP for the first time. Reliance of rarely-dropped items
will diminish: Magic Jewel Powder will take only 3 of each jewel component, and
you'll need only one for the Thorn spell. Impact will also only need 7
Certificates of Victory and some money. After level 60 there are less changes,
but there's a big one: Scenarions. Each level from 60 to 69 will have a
scenario with about 10 stages. Some of the stages merely consist of talking to
a NPC but there are several major tasks included. Scenarios seem to have a
mini-storyline attached to them. After doing the harder tasks you'll be
rewarded with some EXP, NP and one of the Secret Weapons and Powerful Weapon-
Breaking Armor. You can get 2 sets of these with the level 60~65 scenarios.
The last stage in each scenario consists of slaying a new boss in Eslant.
The final reward is 2 Certificates of Victory. This means even if you can't go
to or win BDW you can get 12 Certificates of Victory from other sources.
Make sure you check out the changed quests page.

(05-20-2009) Certain quest armors, including Troll and "Weapon Breaker"
armors, will be available for purchase from Heppa.
(03-26-2009) In Monster Suppression Squads 1 and 2, you'll get your reward
for winning inside the dungeon, before you are warped back to town.

Lunar War Map Vote

The senators of each country will be allowed to vote for the Lunar War map
to use for the next day.

New and changed skills

(27-08-2009) New attacking skills will be added to warriors' Passion skill
(04-09-2009) Mage's high level fire skills: Fire Armor will do 3000 damage
over time instead of 700. Vampiric Fire's power will be increased from 3000
to 5000.
(03-12-2009) Prayer of Cronos will be sold in the sundries and can be used
by priests.
Jewelry crafting NPCKnight Online - The Chaos Expansion Jewel

10-30-2008 + JPKO
A NPC for crafting "Old" accessories will be added to Moradon, near the
jewelry vendor NPC (Hera). This NPC will be called [Jewelry worker] Jewel.

  • The NPC will sell an item that will be used as a material
    for 1 million Noahs. (Equivalent of the Fantastic Armor Frames.)
  • This system will use the same crafting interface as the Cursed Weapon
    manufacturer, Shozin.
  • 3 accessories are required per crafting, along with materials that can be
    cted in the Monster Stone dungeons (currently not working in USKO).
  • To get an idea about possible combinations, check out the JPKO manufacturing page.

Boss respawn change

10-30-2008 + JPKO
Bosses will no longer respawn in combat zones. Instead a Chaos Guardian
Stone will be
placed in the middle of the zones, and when it is destroyed, bosses (including
Eslant bosses) will spawn. The amount of monsters spawned depends on the zone
where the object was killed: Arrdream: 4, Ronark Land Base: 5, Ronark Land: 6.

Graphics and UI changes

Kill announcement

When a player kills another, the player names in the announcement will be
Example: Seed has defeated
Michelle (x, y: 0,0)

Helmet transparency

Knight Online - The Chaos Expansion Helmet-off
Knight Online - The Chaos Expansion Helmet-on

03-12-2009 + JPKO
A new checkbox will be added next to the helmet equipment slot. Unchecking
this box will make your helmet transparent so you can show off your face and
hair. This is a visual only feature and doesn't affect the stats on the helmet.

New target indicator

Knight Online - The Chaos Expansion Target-indicator
??? + JPKO
A target indicator will appear next to you, floating and pointing in the
direction of your target. This is useful if you acquire a target with "Z" and
can't see where it is.

New Music

The following zones will have new music:

UI redesign

(Gallery) The weapon, armor, sundries, accessories vendors, skill window, system menu,
loading image, exit image, preferences window, merchant window and upgrade
window will be changed.

Knight Online - The Chaos Expansion Seres
Character appearance changes

06-04-2009 + JPKO
Characters will get additional face and hair styles and the ability to
color your hair. Existing characters
may change their appearance at the NPC [Makeup expert] Ceres.

Clan advertisement button

04-09-2009 + JPKO
A new button will be added to the bottom bar, next to the "Menu", "PUS",
"Event" and "Seed/Max" buttons. This will bring up the clan advertising GUI.
(Currently the whole system is not working in USKO)

Item comparison system

03-12-2009 + JPKO
If you hold your mouse over an item in your inventory, you can press CTRL
to compare it with the item that you have equipped. Only armor, weapons and
accessories can be compared this way.

Schedule display

02-26-2009 + JPKO
A schedule indicator will be added to the top right corner, allowing you
to check war schedule and such.

More quest information on maps

02-26-2009 + JPKO
You'll be able to search for quest NPC's and monsters on the minimap
and they will be displayed with different icons. The Zone Map will be
expanded with an option for quest search.

Quest Notify improvement

(12-31-2008 + JPKO) Clicking on a quest in the quest notify window will bring up the window for
the quest. Whenever you accept a new quest, it will be added automatically
to the Quest Notify window.
(02-12-2009 + JPKO) You will be able to add more than 4 quests to the notify window
and scrolling arrows will appear to page between them.

Right-click zoom control

The zooming when you right-click and move the mouse forward or backward
will be optional. It will be off by default and you'll be able to change it
in the options window.

Transparent Minerva items

11-13-2008 + JPKO
When using a Minerva item (called Cospre item in USKO) you'll have the
option to make it transparent.
Skill bar improvements

11-13-2008 + JPKO

  • A lock button will be added to the skill bar. When the skill bar is locked,
    you won't be able to drag buttons from it.
  • You'll be able to expand your skill bar to show multiple lines. You can
    operate the additional lines by mouse, but the hot keys 1-8 and F1-F8 will
    only affect the top line.
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PostSubject: Re: Knight Online - The Chaos Expansion   Knight Online - The Chaos Expansion EmptyThu Sep 24, 2009 11:44 am

Expansion is awesome.
However, if current version of USKO is so bugged and abused by hackers, I can not imagine how can be exploited the Chaos Expansion.
I already have a lvl 37 priest there, and I can say guyz, its really nice, its like breathing air.
What I've liked the most is the Chaos Battle, little mini PVP event, where u can get items to exchange for wings.
Lets hope our USKO gets fixed soon.
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PostSubject: Re: Knight Online - The Chaos Expansion   Knight Online - The Chaos Expansion EmptyThu Sep 24, 2009 3:11 pm

Ty Mani.
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PostSubject: Re: Knight Online - The Chaos Expansion   Knight Online - The Chaos Expansion EmptyFri Sep 25, 2009 11:17 pm

looks cool but dought a lot of this stuff will be added
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PostSubject: Re: Knight Online - The Chaos Expansion   Knight Online - The Chaos Expansion EmptySun Sep 27, 2009 11:31 am

waww that looks sooo nice i so much miss to play Knight Online - The Chaos Expansion Icon_sad
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PostSubject: Re: Knight Online - The Chaos Expansion   Knight Online - The Chaos Expansion Empty

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Knight Online - The Chaos Expansion
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